Here are four items that every binary options trader should check when comparing a binary options broker.

  • Which Trading Platform is the Binary Options Broker Using?
  • What is the Minimum Deposit to Open an Account with the broker?
  • What are the Terms of The binary option brokers Bonus Offers?
  • Does the broker have Any Unique Assets or Service?

When a trader has the answer to those questions, it is quite simple for the trader to make an educated decision about which binary options broker is the best.

Binary option traders can research for a licensed binary options broker, which has a license from a European Union country, by reading about European Binary Option Brokers.

Binary option brokers in Europe do not allow traders from America. Binary Option traders in America, should check the updated list of American Binary Option Brokers.

Binary option brokers are divided into two categories; Licensed and Unlicensed (Regulated and Not Regulated). The top binary option broker for a trader in London, is different than the top broker for a trader from Chicago or Tokyo.